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Premium Deck Series: Slivers decklist announced

To follow up our discussion of Premium Deck Series: Slivers as it relates to EDH, let’s have a look at the newly announced decklist for the product.  First off, here’s the decklist:

2 Ancient Ziggurat
5 Forest
2 Island
3 Mountain
2 Plains
1 Rootbound Crag
2 Rupture Spire
2 Swamp
2 Terramorphic Expanse
2 Vivid Creek
2 Vivid Grove

25 lands
1 Acidic Sliver
1 Amoeboid Changeling
1 Armor Sliver
1 Barbed Sliver
1 Brood Sliver
1 Clot Sliver
1 Crystalline Sliver
1 Frenzy Sliver
1 Fungus Sliver
1 Fury Sliver
2 Gemhide Sliver
1 Heart Sliver
1 Hibernation Sliver
1 Homing Sliver
2 Metallic Sliver
1 Might Sliver
2 Muscle Sliver
1 Necrotic Sliver
1 Quick Sliver
1 Sliver Overlord
2 Spectral Sliver
1 Spined Sliver
1 Victual Sliver
2 Virulent Sliver
1 Winged Sliver

30 creatures
1 Aphetto Dredging
1 Coat of Arms
1 Distant Melody
1 Heartstone
1 Wild Pair

5 other spells

The cards I was anticipating the most were the lands.  In EDH, particularly with a 5-color general, manabases can get very espensive indeed.  A big part of the budget legitimacy of this product will be the extent to which its manabase can transition into the 100-card highlander format.

So, applying “highlander” to the manabase leaves us with one copy each of:

Ancient Ziggurat

Rootbound Crag

Rupture Spire

Terramorphic Expanse

Vivid Creek

Vivid Grove

Alas, I’m feeling highly unenthusiastic about this manabase.  The product doesn’t exactly give you no help at all, but it comes pretty dang close, offering the lone rootbound crag as the only rare land in the bunch.  Was Gemstone Mine too much to hope for?  City of Brass?  Apparently these hopes were just irrational optimism on my part.  So, for budget players, it seems challenge #1 for porting this deck to EDH will be coming up with a decent 5-color manabase.

I suggest filling out the remaining three vivid lands, along with Zendikar dual lands like akoum refuge and the Shards of Alara tri-lands such as Savage Lands.  I would also recommend going “base green” making green your main color, and using cards like harrow, kodamas reach, sakura tribe elder, rampant growth, and civic wayfinder.  Many of these green cards have variants and functional reprints, so have a look at a card database like Gatherer, or my personal favorite, magiccards.info.

So the lands are kind of a bust.  Let’s look at the slivers now.

Here is a list of rare slivers I think you might consider for inclusion, but which are not included in the set:

Essence Sliver

Psionic Sliver

Pulmonic Sliver

Sliver Legion

Sliver Queen

Synapse Sliver

Toxin Sliver

Of these, Sliver Queen is the expensive one, running around $30.  However, it’s been holding that value forever, so it’s a decent investment.  For budget players, though, Sliver Legion can be had for just under $10, Toxin Sliver for around $7, and the remaining four slivers for around $7 total.  All in all, you get brood sliver, fungus sliver, and sliver overlord as your rares / mythic rares.  Nothing really to write home about.  I will soon be advising you to consider ditching fungus sliver, for example.

One side note here about Sliver Queen: the set includes Heartstone, so if you acquire the common Basal Sliver from Time Spiral, you’ve got an infinite mana combo that, thanks to Sliver Queen, translates into infinite slivers and likely an instant win, thanks to your general’s tutor ability, and the inclusion of heart and gemhide slivers.  Essentially, Sliver Queen is likely the next big purchase you can make to easily pimp your Sliver-based EDH deck.

Moving on to the Un-Commons in the deck, the ones of note that aren’t included are as follows:

Cautery Sliver

Darkheart Sliver

Dementia Sliver*

Dormant Sliver

Frenetic Sliver*

Ghostflame Sliver

Harmonic Sliver

Horned Sliver

Mnemonic Sliver

Opaline Sliver

Root Sliver

Shifting Sliver

Telekinetic Sliver

Ward Sliver

The slivers marked with a * are questionable, but they’re still better than some of the duds (I’ll go over the duds at the end).  You can buy all of these non-asterisk’ed uncommons for around $11 total.  Horned Sliver is the most expensive at $3.45, and if you just get Ward Sliver and/or Shifting Sliver, the trample becomes less important.

Moving on to the commons, here’s the ones I’d consider playing with that are, again, NOT included in this product:

Basal Sliver (Because I will be running the Queen)

Battering Sliver(aka Poor Man’s Horned Sliver)

Crypt Sliver

Hunter Sliver

Reflex Sliver (Redundant Heart Sliver)

Shadow Sliver!!

Sinew Sliver (Redundant Muscle Sliver)

Synchronous Sliver

Talon Sliver

Two-headed Sliver

I didn’t total the cost of these commons because surely they can all be had for under $5.  Shadow Sliver is probably the most important here, but they’re all probably better than some of the duds that come with this set.  Let’s examine the duds now, shall we?

I would immediately lose all of the following cards from the product in porting to EDH:

Amoeboid Changeling

Armor Sliver

Barbed Sliver

Frenzy Sliver

Metallic Sliver

Spined Sliver

And I might consider losing these as well, though it would now depend on what I had available to replace each sliver with.   The duds above should be left out for sure.  The ones below… well, they’re at least passable:

Clot Sliver

This one just doesn’t do a whole lot, and it costs mana to (not) do it.  A whole lot of the recommended additions surpass this card.

Fungus Sliver

Unless you plan to have psionic sliver, this one probably goes… though at least he’ll grow your team in favorable blocks and such.

Spectral Sliver

Again, the best sliver abilities aren’t costing you mana.  You’ll have plenty to do with your mana without messing with this.

As for the non-sliver cards in this set, they all look decent to me, though perhaps they’re a bit gimmicky and might be better as either card draw or tutors.  As a creature based strategy, Slivers have an uphill battle in EDH.  EDH is rife with sweepers and big effects.  A lot of the time you’ll get your army out there only to watch them perish.  Some cards that will help you prevent this are:

Eldrazi Monument, Dauntless Escort, Elspeth Knight-Errant

Only the monument is very affordable here, but luckily it’s probably the best fit anyway.  I still worry about the basic concept of putting a lot of dudes on the table in a format like EDH.

Along these lines, I can see the very first sliver I search for with my overlord or other tutors being hibernation sliver.  Soon thereafter, I might try to get homing sliver, as I think patriarchs bidding and genesis will be fun ways to play with the graveyard.  When I get my own copy of this product, and I fill out my sliver deck, I’ll be posting again with a more detailed decklist and strategy explanations, so I’ll leave it there as far as deck contents… I just want to mention one cute combo you can include:

Mesmeric Sliver + Tunnel Vision

All in all, I think the deck looks fun, and they got most of the staples I was hoping for:

Winged Sliver

Hibernation Sliver

Crystalline Sliver


I’m only slightly disappointed in the manabase, but I remain stoked about the concept of this product providing a relatively easy entry into EDH for nOObs.  You buy this thing for $35, then you buy $20-$50 worth of other Schtuff, and you’ve got a fun EDH deck in your hands.  When you win the lottery, then you buy the $600 manabase of your dreams and rock the casbah!  Okay, so if you have that kind of scratch, you can just build Zur, Arcum, or Rofellos, or one of the other tier 1 generals, and pimp it out with all the trimmings.

Until next time, there can be only one!