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Breaking News: States Returns for 2009

The popular States program (Champs in Canada) will be returning for 2009, albeit in a slightly different form. Like last year, tournament organizers are to thank for this event as Wizards of the Coast has discontinued their support of the program. According to reports, the event, to be officially referred to as the 09’s, will be held across North America on December 5th. In the past, States was the first major event after a new block’s release. The delay this year stems from the additional hurdles that tournament organizers had to overcome in planning the event without Wizards of the Coast. As a result of this lack of support, prizes will be restricted to product and playmats produced by the TO network, rather than the promotional foils of years past. Expect last year’s plaque, unique DCI card and free tournament entry for the year for the winner to return. The entry fee will be fixed at $25.00 USD regardless of location and the format will once again be Standard.

Wizards’ lack of support is reportedly due to complaints from players in other regions where Champs was not held last year. It would appear the company is focusing it’s efforts on other programs such as Magic Game Day, already confirmed to be returning for Zendikar.

Thanks to WestCan Events for the tip.

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