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Power 9 Pro Online Workshops

In case you’ve heard a little about our Pro-Player workshops or caught one of my tweets about them, I thought I’d post a bit more info and a couple of clips to give everyone a better idea of what we’re putting together over here. After all, I’m a player, always looking to improve my game and imagine there are a lot more players like me out there. I have to admit I certainly don’t have all the exposure or practice these master players do, but I know that excellent coaching goes a long way to improving my game…Like I said, it’s always great to win. :)

Power 9 Pro’s workshops are your chance to get first hand advice and analysis of Magic the Gathering with some of the best players in the world. In addition to real-time streaming, we limit workshop size to 15 people. This gives everyone a chance to ask questions and interact directly with not only the pro instructor but also the rest of the participants. I can personally say that being able to hear and discuss other players’ questions and opinions has led to a number of interesting discussions. No need to be shy but if you prefer to listen and soak in the information, then sit back and relax.

By delivering the workshop over the Internet, everyone can participate regardless of location–your house, office [after hours of course. ;-)], a friend’s place, local shop, or even sandy beach in the tropics. We can always wish! The software connecting everyone is free of charge, guaranteed to be malware free and best-in-industry. After signing up, you will recieve a link with confirmation time and instructions (you just click the link). You can then stream the audio through your computer or dial a toll free number. Simple and convient. All participants will also receive the full video-audio recording for later review. I’ve found this great for reviewing important points. Here are a couple of examples from our most recent workshops with Ben Lundquist.

Our next workshop series will be starting December 8th at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST) with renowned player Luis Scott-Vargas. You can see the full schedule at power9pro.com/workshops/schedule.php .

I’d love to hear your topic requests and any other thoughts you may have, so let us know what you think in the comments. Also, if you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll send you a free mp3 of Ben Lundquist discussing the fluctuations and changes of a Meta-game; great for trying to calculate what deck to play at your next tournament!

Magic Grand Prix 2010 Schedule Announced

Wizard’s has announced the GP lineup for 2010 and I have to say it looks great. Lots of variability–something I felt was missing from this year’s schedule which featured a ton of limited.

Here’s the schedule:

Dates City Country Format Feeds PT
Feb. 13-14 Oakland USA Extended San Juan
Feb. 27-28 Madrid Spain Legacy San Juan
March 13-14 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Standard San Juan
March 20-21 Yokohama Japan Extended San Juan
March 27-28 Brussels Belgium Standard San Juan
April 3-4 Houston USA Extended San Juan
May 8-9 Lyon France “Prosper” Limited Amsterdam
May 22-23 Baltimore USA Standard Amsterdam
June 5-6 Sendai Japan Standard Amsterdam
June 12-13 Manila Philippines Standard Amsterdam
July 31-Aug. 1 Columbus USA Legacy Amsterdam
Aug. 28-29 Gothenburg Sweden M11 Limited PT 2011 #1
Sept. 11-12 Portland USA M11 Limited PT 2011 #1
Oct. 9-10 Sydney Australia “Lights” Limited PT 2011 #1
Oct. 23-24 Toronto Canada “Lights” Limited PT 2011 #1
Oct. 30-31 Bochum Germany “Lights” Limited PT 2011 #1
Nov. 13-14 Nashville USA “Lights” Limited PT 2011 #1
Nov. 27-28 Florence Italy “Lights” Limited PT 2011 #1

And of course we’re all looking for those especially coveted foil cards and the 2010 GPs have a Whopper for us: Umezawas Jitte!!!!

Here’s a look at the actual new art.

So what do you think? Excited? Will we be seeing you at one of these GPs? Which GP are you most excited about attending? On a personal level I’m excited about having a fairly local GP (Oakland).

GP LA: Event Coverage and Player Interviews

just a quick note to let our readers konw that we’ll be attending GP – LA (Wizards’ site) not only as competitors (team power 9 pro) but we’ll also be on the scout to get you the best footage possible, including event break downs, discussions about meta-game, player impressions and hopefully an interview with volkan bolga!
(he did Angel of Mercy, Doomed Necromancer, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Ranger of Eos, Seaside Citadel, and Stoic Angel)

so, if you couldn’t make it GP LA (sunmesa’s site) but you want to see what you missed, we’ll be showing! we’ll start posting the vids on monday next week. have a good one!

Magic and Winning

so before the news gets to be too stale, just a quick update on the last two PTQs i attended.  i didn’t do so well.  at the ptq in LA on the 27th i went a very sad 2-3 drop.  i was trying to be a bit more creative with my deck builds but it bit in the butt.  <obviously>  since color selection can be so flexible, i really wanted to see if i could pull off something different than previous sealed builds.  i failed.  :\

in LA, i was also able to meet up with my team mate roberto–you’ll come to know him in time when he starts posting here.  he’s got a TON of information that’s going to be really helpful for players looking to get an edge on their game, so we’re looking forward to sharing that with you.

when reviewing my experience at PTQs the last month, i thought that there were a few things i didn’t do correctly on the “preparation side.”  i then came across an oldish article by mike flores that really drove home what i had done incorrectly.  you can get the whole article here (tipped by a mtgsalvation post)but the summary is that you have to “think” and “believe” that you won’t just top-8 but that you’ll win.  it’s pretty common in business and sports that if you aim for “top 5 finishers” that you’ll fall a bit short–this is really true when it comes to sales.   (you have to aim for 2-3x your quota or you’ll NEVER hit quota).  it’s a sad reality of life.

what stood out to me was the mental “i deserve this” that flores touches on.  he also mentions that when he wasn’t mentally prepared, wasn’t intrinically convinced of his superiority AND destiny to win that he’d lose, or fall just short of the goal.  at the PTQ i was actually prepared for (late November), i was also aiming for top8–because i figured that was the “next round.”  Ended in the top16…which is strictly “meh.”

his goal was to win.  and often he would.  i think this is SO important.  i was talking with a friend at the last PTQ (in san jose) who had a great pool.  his pool was really strong.  in fact, he’d beaten out a friend of mine who’s not only won PTQs in the past but he had a pool that looked poised to go all the way.  here’s the clincher.  after round 4 (where he beat friend 1) my friend says, “i’ll be happy if i top 8.”  he didn’t say, “i am going to top 8 with this deck.”  he was aiming for satisfaction at top8.  where did he end with his killer-consistent pool?  10th.  just short of his goal.  good showing, won a bunch of packs but he still fell short of his goal.

next ptq–or in this case Grand Prix LA–i’m going to win.  WIN.

as i mentioned, whether we’re talking sports, business or magic, you have to aim for the highest possible goal.  otherwise, you’re aiming for mediocre.  and nobody wants to be mediocre.

cheers & happy new years.  :)

Team Power 9 Pro 2009

in our further commitment to be a force of reckoning in the magic the gathering community, we’ve formed an official tournament team.  there are currently three players who will be attending ptq’s, grand prix and anything in between that we can get to.  (we’ll be posting exact schedules as they’re established–for now we are attending the grand prix in los angeles, ca on the weekend of jan 17th).  rather than steal their thunder we’ll let them intorduce themselves over the next few days (i’m one of them but i’ll put down a blurb-bio for y’all too).

also to give back to the community which we love, our team will be posting thoughts on decks, cards, shards + conflux, and more.