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Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Decklists & FTV:Relics Art Preview for Sol Ring

The mothership had two fun tid-bits today. In arcana, they announced the decklists of the new Elspeth v. Tezzeret decks. For this artwork fan, the highlight of this announcement was the fantastic new version of tournament staple Swords to Plowshares done by Terese Nielsen:

Nielsen Swords to Plowshares

Among the other 5 new artworks announced was a new Mishras Factory:


Not my favorite, really, but the coolness factor of the card counts for something. Alas, I find both the new planeswalkers’ artwork to be lacking and sub-par:



Yeah… I’m not a fan of either one… they seem quite amateurish.

Lastly, in Mike Flores’ article, “Great Looks at Great Decks” we see a neat new image with a link to the old announcement of the From the Vault: Relics release (releases tomorrow at the time of this writing!) that is presumably the new artwork for Sol Ring:

Sol Ring FTV Relics

Interesting artistic developments. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those swords!

From the Vault: Relics announced – looks like disc!

Wizards has announced the latest product in their From the Vault Series (AKA, “The Money Machine”).  This one is Relics.   Here is the link, and here’s the cool image… my money is on this being the new art for nevinyrral’s disk:

Pre-order early because the precedent that’s been set by these FtV products is that one to three cards in the set will be worth two to three times the retail price of the product itself.  Easy money, people.