Managing Cards in Multiple Groups

Multiple Group Tools and Setup

There are two main tools for Multiple Groups—Split and Merge. To access these tools, select the Gear located in-line with each card. It looks like this:


You’ll be prompted to select the action, Split or Merge.


After selecting ‘Split’ from the presented options, you’ll see a new form appear that prompts you for information on how you want to split the cards.



Use the Merge option to combine two or more groups of cards into one single group. With Merging, you’ll be prompted to select the group of cards to merge from as well as the group to merge into. This means that you can merge two groups into a new third group–for example, if you have cards in two different decks and you’re going to put them all into a trade binder.


For the sake of clarity, you can also just add cards to a new group without splitting or merging. To do that you click the “add a new group” button and then start adding inventory with the plus buttons located there. As with earlier versions of Magpie, you can also just move cards from one group to another using the dropdown.

Advanced Group Settings – Custom Pricing

You can make additional price customizations when creating or editing your group. To access these settings, select “Enable Custom Pricing”. The following sections “Smart Pricing” and “Minimum Pricing” will outline these settings in further detail.

Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing is designed for stores and card dealers to create more “friendly” prices for cards.

Smart Pricing allows you to automatically change prices from “$4.16″ to $4.45″ without direct intervention by you.

There are two options for Smart Pricing:

  1. Less than $0.50 — examples include $5.16, $1.04 and $8.48
  2. More than $0.50 — examples are $5.56, $1.74, and $8.98

Please see the image below for an example group.

Minimum Prices

Also designed primarily for store and card dealer use, Minimum Prices allow you to set minimum price floors for card prices by rarity. For example, you can set a default minimum of $0.05 for commons, $0.20 for uncommons and then different values again for Mythics and Rares.
Smart Pricing Setup

How do I setup a group?

Groups are flexible and customizable, meant to map directly to you preference for organizing and monitoring cards.

Group Setup

  1. After logging into Magpie, click on the icon resembling a bullet point list located in the top, left-hand corner of the screen

    Personal Groups Icon

  2. This will take you to your Personal Groups
  3. There are a number of pre-made groups available
  4. Or, you can click the green button labeled “Add a new Group” located near the top of the pageAdd New Group

Group Setup, continued

  1. After clicking the “Add a new Group”, you will be on a page labeled “Create a Group”
  2. First, name your group.Examples maybe a display case, a binder or even a deck name
  3. Adjust the Price Range to enable Magpie’s automated ‘Suggested Group’ tool, which monitors a card’s price changes to suggest more appropriate groups
  4. If you do not want a maximum limit on a group, then select “No Maximum”.
  5. Adjust the Price Change Margin to control when you would like to be notified of price changes for all cards within a group.For example, if you put Cascade Bluffs int a group with a 10% change margin and Cascade Bluffs changes by more than 10%, then it will be included in your email reports.Create New Group