How do I setup a group?

Groups are flexible and customizable, meant to map directly to you preference for organizing and monitoring cards.

Group Setup

  1. After logging into Magpie, click on the icon resembling a bullet point list located in the top, left-hand corner of the screen

    Personal Groups Icon

  2. This will take you to your Personal Groups
  3. There are a number of pre-made groups available
  4. Or, you can click the green button labeled “Add a new Group” located near the top of the pageAdd New Group

Group Setup, continued

  1. After clicking the “Add a new Group”, you will be on a page labeled “Create a Group”
  2. First, name your group.Examples maybe a display case, a binder or even a deck name
  3. Adjust the Price Range to enable Magpie’s automated ‘Suggested Group’ tool, which monitors a card’s price changes to suggest more appropriate groups
  4. If you do not want a maximum limit on a group, then select “No Maximum”.
  5. Adjust the Price Change Margin to control when you would like to be notified of price changes for all cards within a group.For example, if you put Cascade Bluffs int a group with a 10% change margin and Cascade Bluffs changes by more than 10%, then it will be included in your email reports.Create New Group

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