Managing Cards — Adding and Removing Cards

There are three ways to add cards to your inventory:

  1. Browsing by Set
  2. Within Groups
  3. From Search Results

Please note that Pro and Storefront account users can also have inventory updated through their Storefront pages.

Quick Add and Remove

Magpie allows you to add or remove inventory by clicking the plus and minus icons (respectively). You can also access a detailed inventory modifier by clicking the middle button. Note that this middle icon also displays your current inventory for each card.

Note: You cannot add inventory to a card without first adding the card to a group.

Detailed Add and Remove

  1. After clicking the middle inventory button, you’ll see a form prompting you to identify whether you are buying or selling a card
  2. Adjust the quantity to add or remove by using the dropdown under “Quantity”
  3. Optionally change the default number desired to set a custom maximum inventory for a card
  4. Click “Save” to finalize your inventory adjustments


Adding Cards to Groups

You can add inventory to card from search results, by browsing a set, or from within a group itself.

Use the drop down (example below) to add a card to a specific group or move a card from one group to another.

Bulk Group Modification

To track all cards within a set or even a specific rarity, use the bulk modifier available on the Magic Sets page by clicking on the gear available on each set:

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