Magpie Now Supports Multiple Groups

One of our guiding principles at Magpie is to listen to our customers about what they need most and then go build it. A big request has been to allow cards to be in multiple groups at one time.

Multiple Groups? What is that?

Multiple Groups means you can now split your inventory across multiple groups, rather than a card only being allowed to be in one group at any given time.

For stores, this means you can have a private back stock of cards and a public display case of cards. This has been a big request from stores because owners and managers tell us they only like to keep a maximum of 4 of each card in the display case and keep the rest in an overstock in the back. Some of our other customers are also using alternate online selling platforms and want to better track what they have for sale in the store versus what is available online. Multiple Groups will also be an excellent way to help keep track of what you have in the store and what you have at Grand Prix.

For players, this is a better representation of how we players keep our cards in different places. That is, at times we may have three of one card in our deck and another in our trade binder. If we have five or six of one card, maybe we have one in our Commander deck, four in a Modern deck and still one again in our trade binder. Multiple Groups makes that easy and intuitive to represent in Magpie.

Multiple Group Tools and Setup

There are two main tools for Multiple Groups—Split and Merge. To access these tools, select the Gear located in-line with each card. It looks like this:


You’ll be prompted to select the action, Split or Merge.


After selecting ‘Split’ from the presented options, you’ll see a new form appear that prompts you for information on how you want to split the cards.



Use the Merge option to combine two or more groups of cards into one single group. With Merging, you’ll be prompted to select the group of cards to merge from as well as the group to merge into. This means that you can merge two groups into a new third group–for example, if you have cards in two different decks and you’re going to put them all into a trade binder.


For the sake of clarity, you can also just add cards to a new group without splitting or merging. To do that you click the “add a new group” button and then start adding inventory with the plus buttons located there. As with earlier versions of Magpie, you can also just move cards from one group to another using the dropdown.

Interface Update

To accommodate the every growing amount of information available in Magpie, we’re introducing a small shift in the layout of the pages. Rather than showing everything in a single line, we’re now going to group relevant information together to help make card information more immediately grok-able.

Set and Search Result Views

Viewing cards from either a Search or by Browse by Set will show the same view.

Here’s an example of Theros depicting Elspeth and Thoughtseize. Notice that the Elspeth are split across two different groups (Private Collection and R/W Weenie). I know how many Elsepth are in each group (1 and 4, respectively), how many I have in total (5) and how many more I want (0).


Group Views

Because cards can now be in multiple groups, we wanted to make that information super accessible. When viewing a group, you’ll see how many of each card is in that group. If the same card is also in a different group, then we’ll also present that group name as “label” and list the inventory of that card in that group. You can quickly access the group by simply clicking on the label.


We’re very excited about the applications for Multiple Group support as it positions us well for integrating with third party platforms as well as giving players a better experience, more closely aligned with how players’ cards are distributed throughout their collections.

Up Next

We don’t spend a lot of time looking in the rear-view mirror, so we’re already eying the next big improvement to Magpie.

We’re going to spend the next couple of weeks addressing some smaller tweaks, an overhaul to our plans and pricing and expanding our reporting. If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see us do next, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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