Advanced Group Settings – Custom Pricing

You can make additional price customizations when creating or editing your group. To access these settings, select “Enable Custom Pricing”. The following sections “Smart Pricing” and “Minimum Pricing” will outline these settings in further detail.

Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing is designed for stores and card dealers to create more “friendly” prices for cards.

Smart Pricing allows you to automatically change prices from “$4.16″ to $4.45″ without direct intervention by you.

There are two options for Smart Pricing:

  1. Less than $0.50 — examples include $5.16, $1.04 and $8.48
  2. More than $0.50 — examples are $5.56, $1.74, and $8.98

Please see the image below for an example group.

Minimum Prices

Also designed primarily for store and card dealer use, Minimum Prices allow you to set minimum price floors for card prices by rarity. For example, you can set a default minimum of $0.05 for commons, $0.20 for uncommons and then different values again for Mythics and Rares.
Smart Pricing Setup

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