Dragon’s Egg Reviewed As Best Bag for Magic Cards

We’ve long said that the Dragon’s Egg is the best bag for protecting your Magic cards (and other CCGs).

But it means a lot more when it comes from others.

Below is a recent review by Tolarian Community College who compares the Dragon’s Egg to the UltraPro Gaming Case (“D”) and Remove From Game’s Gaming Pack (“C-”).

It’s no surprise to us that the Dragon’s Egg is the only MTG bag to get an A.

Tolarian cites the following benefits of the Dragon’s Egg:

  • True Protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable Exterior
  • Tough, Nearly Indestructible Inner Shell
  • Compact Size
  • Holds tokens, dice, cell phone
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Here’s the full-review:

If you liked Tolarian’s product reviews, I suggest checking out his channel where he reviews a number of gaming products.

One thought on “Dragon’s Egg Reviewed As Best Bag for Magic Cards”

  1. I agree – this thing rocks! Every time (not exaggerating) I got to FNM people ask where I got mine.

    I have one and play mtg during lunch at work, so this thing comes to work with me every day. There is no better way to transport my decks.

    Please let us purchase additional inserts!

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