Magpie Inventory Updates Just Got Faster

Happy New Year from everyone at Power 9 Pro.

We’ve been busy pushing forward on Magpie over the last few weeks, battling off our families through the holidays so we could keep making Magpie better.

In addition to an extensive set of updates, we wanted to make sure you were aware that we’re addressing smaller enhancements that can make life easier. If you did miss our update about Store Front and Pro account tools, here is theĀ setup video, and here is the generalĀ update.

New This Week

Earlier this week, we released a set of “quick inventory” tools for single-click inventory management.

To add a card to your inventory, all you have to do now is click the plus sign. The cards will be added to that group at your current buy price. No need to open the inventory manager, click buy, enter a price, etc.

Quick Add and Remove Inventory
Single-click for adding and removing cards

If you would like to provide a custom buy/sell price, you can still do so by clicking the middle button. Note that this button still shows your current inventory for each card.

In the last two weeks, we’ve also addressed mobile formatting, so accessing Magpie on your phone or tablet will be as great of an experience as through a traditional browser.

New Team Member

Late last fall, we grew our team by one, welcoming Josh to the Magpie development team. Josh’s expertise is primarily in backend services — stuff you won’t typically encounter unless something breaks! Josh’s work is already helping to prevent that from happening, and we’re excited to have him on the team. :)

Coming Up Next

Smart Pricing: Through very popular demand, Smart Pricing is going to make it easy for you to normalize card prices (charge $4.95 instead of $4.81) while also setting minimum sell prices. Minimum prices will be really useful for bulk rares, uncommons, etc.

Smart Pricing will be available next week, so please keep an eye out for our update on this important enhancement.

Smart Pricing Preview
Smart Pricing settings will be on the group level

As a quick preview, Smart Pricing will be a group-based setting, allowing you to set different pricing strategies for different groups. For example, Smart Pricing will allow you to set prices for bulk rare and uncommon groups while also creating different settings for hot Standard and Modern rares. So useful!

Promos: Expect promo cards to be available next week. We’re finishing up a final audit before making the data public. The addition of promos to Magpie will complete our tracking of all English MTG cards. w00t!

Going to GP Sacramento?

Friday through Sunday, I will accompany a small army of friends and fellow players from San Francisco to GP Sacramento. If you’re attending, I’d love to meet you, hear your ideas for Magpie and just talk Magic. Look for the guy wearing a t-shirt with a big Magpie.

Magpie T-Shirt
The shirt I'll be wearing.

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