Magpie Updates — Enabling Transactions via Storefront

We hope the fall weather hasn’t been too cool for you. We’ve been keeping warm by staying super busy with Magpie.

If you haven’t noticed, we introduced the Storefront module for Magpie.

With this update, players can now create carts for purchasing or trading in cards.*

We put together this video to help explain the setup process for Magpie:

In addition to the Video Tutorial, you can find additional help in the Magpie FAQ. There are a few steps involved with setting up your Storefront, so please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help. (Please note that the Storefront tools are reserved for Pro and Storefront account holders only.

What's up next?

The next major enhancement focused on making life easier for stores is a top request. We're calling it "Smart Rounding."

Smart Rounding will allow stores to round prices and to set minimum price floors—for example, all cards worth less than $0.25 are sold for a quarter or charging $1.95 instead of $1.87.

During the first part of 2014, you'll also see us add a few more tools to help players. We will be particularly focused on helping players keep their collections updated as they buy and trade cards.

Our goal is to give you and your customers an excellent shopping (or trading) experience that makes life easier for everyone involved.

Aside from major enhancements, we'll also be polishing parts of Magpie to account for the major leaps we've made over the past six months. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Holiday Thank You

Magpie is growing quickly, and it wouldn't be with you and your support.  Thank you.

We hope that this potentially frigid winter is spent with family and friends in warm homes.

Happy Holidays!

*Please note that the Storefront tools are available to Pro and Storefront accounts only.

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