By Player Request, New Dragon’s Egg Carries Playmats

It’s been five years since Power 9 Pro first started offering the Dragon’s Eggs.

In that time, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players on why they love the Dragon’s Eggs as well as how we can make improvements.

The single most popular request from players is a way to carry their playmats with them.

By your request, an upgrade for the Dragon’s Eggs is now available: the SideKit.

The SideKit contains a dice bag and an attachment for playmats.

The playmat attachment was designed specifically for the Dragon’s Egg but may also be used on most backpacks.

The SideKit is meant to make your life easier at the tournament tables or as you make your way to MTG/CCG events.  It’s unbelievably useful. ☺

The SideKit is a great deal at $4.95—comparable prices for dice bags alone are typically between $4.95 and $8.95. The SideKits are available on and at local retailers across the US, Canada and Australia.

Dragon’s Eggs — Now With SideKit

All new Dragon’s Eggs include the SideKit at no additional charge. The Dragon’s Eggs are available at local gaming retailers across the US, Canada and Australia.

See the new Dragon’s Egg in action.

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