MTGO Videos – Legacy Goblins

“Hello everyone!

I’ve been lent a legacy deck online and it’s a blast to play.  I’m normally a fish player, but I’ve been getting a hang for the little red men.


Just to give everyone a heads-up as to what’s happening:  I did another cube draft last night, videos should be up within the next few days.  Also, MBS is now online, I’ll have a few drafts of that as well.  Finally, for those of you who like Pauper, I’ve built a bunch of new pauper decks that are both competitive and really fun, and I’ll hopefully make some videos of those.  Last but not least, Mirrodin Beseiged Game Day is this weekend, and I’m sleeving up a brew that I’m really excited about.  Hopefully I’ll have an article about that list next week sometime.

As always, feel free to comment below, or contact me via email (zak-AT-power9pro.com) or via twitter (twitter.com/zturchan).

Best of luck at Game Day!

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