Mirrodin Besieged Promo Cards Announced

Wizards’ arcana segment announced the new Mirrodin Besieged release event promo cards today. We get a sneak peak at three cards many of us are sure to get a few copies of, due to these events. Let’s have a look!

First up is Hero of the Bladehold, the mythic rare Mirrodin faction pre-release promo:
Hero of the Bladehold

This 4-drop 3/4 is like a mini-titan, spewing tokens any time she attacks. She seems like a good source of virtual card advantage and board position. Pretty sweet. That Battle Cry mechanic looks like fun as well. Is she riding a chrome steed?

Next, we have Glissa the Traitor, the mythic rare Phyrexian faction pre-release promo:
Glissa the Traitor

ZOMBIE ELF?! Looks like old Glissa Sunseeker has been hanging around the graveyard too much. This potential EDH general looks pretty interesting. The recurring-artifacts ability is kind of interesting, as are her relevant combat abilities and sizable power and toughness for her cost. Very cool.

And finally, Thopter Assembly, the rare launch party promo :

Thopter Assembly

Wow. 6 mana for 5 power / toughness of thopters, plus the assembly itself the following turn. It seems good, but when you consider that the tokens will all have summoning sickness on that second turn, you realize that this card is a bit like a slow motion, telegraphed boxing punch. It takes a full two turns and 12 mana before you finally have 10 power and toughness across 6 flying bodies. Pretty crappy, in the end, without some kind of shenanigans to abuse it.

So there you have it. Some fun new spoiled cards to add to the pile.

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