Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning announced

Wizards announced today the next installment of their Premium Deck Series, a deck called “Fire & Lightning.”

What intrigued this author about the announcement was the following line:

“[The deck] contains famous flames, bolts, and beats from across Magic history, including several never before released in foil!”

And the image by Christopher Moeller seen below:

Chain Lighning

Now, this is entirely speculation, but could that be a new updated artwork for the Legacy staple Chain Lightning? Color me intrigued!

One thought on “Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning announced”

  1. It’s in the same vein as Lightning Bolt, but it’s to similar to the one from M10 to be for that. I love the idea that it’s chain lightning, which I had never thought of before.

    Here’s Hoping!

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