Worldwake EDH: Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs

A while back I took a look at new EDH Generals from Worldwake.  I decided to make a deck-list featuring Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs.  I wanted to go with a build that was full of flavor, using the imagery of the powerful ogre warlord.  In most cases of card selection I used flavor as the deciding factor.

The premise of this deck is that the mighty Kazuul is marshaling a vast horde of evil humanoids to raid and plunder.  I stuck with some good ol’ fashioned D&D concepts; ogres bullying smaller orcs and goblins to do their bidding, which in this case means WAR!  Last time I mentioned Deathforge Shaman, Initiate of Blood, Heartless Hidetsugu and Rustmouth Ogre as possible options so I am going to put them in.  I took another look at Gatherer to see how many different ogres were in red.
Ogres (7):

Now that our ogre taskmasters are in place we need some orc and goblin minions to fill out the army.
Goblins (24):

Orcs (5):

All of these little guys form the backbone of our army.

No ogre warlord worth his salt would go into battle only relying on puny orcs and goblins, so Kazuul will have some hired giant muscle.
Giants (4):

Our horde is in place, so we need some gear to make our General and friends more formidable.
Equipment (8):

Now our army has plenty of fodder and gear so all we need is a way to promote our General’s ability.  Our plan is limit our opponents mana base by eliminating key lands and mana producing artifacts which are very common in EDH.
Land Hate(10):

Artifact Hate (3):

We have thirty eight slots for our own land and mana producing artifacts.

The deck is complete. It looks like Kazuul’s enemies are in for a rough time as his horde pillages the countryside. Can anyone stop the Tyrant of the Cliffs? Now this deck is not perfect but it has answers to problem artifacts and lands and can generate creatures early.  I think this is a good starting point for a really fun and flavorful EDH deck. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Worldwake EDH: Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs”

  1. I kind of like this deck and it’s theme, but it’s that weird place where it’s playing some suboptimal cards followed by some real fun killers. Ruination will usually earn you a “gotta kill ruination guy” before you ever go off again.

    There are some pretty classic spells that deserve to be in the deck as well: I don’t think I’d sleeve a red edh deck without:
    Fanning the Flames
    Rolling Thunder
    Grab the Reins
    Gauntlet of Power
    Coalition Relic
    Sol Ring
    Kiki-Jiki Mirror breaker

    Also if you’re so into killing artifacts then Viashino Heretic should be (giving a body to a reusable effect) or at least Shattering Pulse over the flashback spell

    Amber Prison and Icy Manipulator can be used as well to disable lands and have bit more flexibility

    Rally the Horde might be interesting..

  2. Good suggestions X. Insurrection is a red staple, I have no clue how I could have forgotten it. I’m sure I can find room for Kiki. I wanted to stay away from creatures that were not gobs, orcs, ogres or giants so no viashino heretic. ( I would have put in avalance riders otherwise). Duplicant is quite good and I feel I should bend my flavor stigma to include it. I left out Sol Ring because my only copy is in my Maga, Traitor to Mortals deck but I would definately put it in instead of Fire Diamond or Horn of Ramos…. wait a minute HORN? whoops it should be HEART of Ramos… need to fix that. Thanks again for your comments.

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