Ender's Game Power 9 Pro Walkthrough: #1 UWr v. 4 Color Control

In this video Power 9 Pro member Pedro Rodriguez hits the equivalent of the tournament practice room on Magic Workstation. Watch as he explains why he makes his decisions so that you can contribute to the discussion about better ways to play that game. Even though this time was against a random opponent, keep watching this space for matchup videos done with the help of other members of Power 9 Pro and the community. “The video is more of an experiment this time. More than anything I am looking for ways to make it better so that it can become a very common and entertaining part of Power 9 Pro and TCGPlayer. I made a couple mistakes I would not usually make, but that is part of Magic: doing things right in the face of really, anything. ” -Pedro Rodriguez

Editer’s Note: The links work below, we are having some technical problems but expect the videos to be embedded in the near future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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