Zendikar Game Day Promos Announced: Nissa’s Chosen, Emeria Angel

Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Zendikar Game Day (October 31st) promotional foils will be Nissas Chosen and Emeria Angel.

As usual, WotC is being somewhat secretive about showing us these cards, but our diligent team of crack Google Image Searchers here at Power9Pro have dug up the following two images:

Nissa’s Chosen will be the door prize for all attendees (while supplies last, of course).

Emeria Angel will go to the top 8 players, plus two players drawn at random as additional door prizes.

Cool stuff.

6 thoughts on “Zendikar Game Day Promos Announced: Nissa’s Chosen, Emeria Angel”

  1. Naw, they’re discrete issues. I’ll never have a standard deck ready by game day… or at least it’s highly unlikely.

    I dunno… There may be a chance. I had the RW kithkin deck built… the one cedric favored last year… but alas, most of the weenies were kithkins and are now gone the way of the Dodo.

  2. I’m actually in need of a 4th Emeria Angel, but the only Game Day is a 45 minute drive outside of town, and I don’t drive, lol.

    Funny thing is, my replacement for my fourth in my deck is my lone Baneslayer Angel. Cute, eh?

    If I can make it, I will, just ’cause the promos look sweet.

  3. That’s cool. However, I forgot that game day is the same day as Wizard’s Comics’ “Form of the General” Halloween tournament, so I’ll be busy that day dressed up as…well I won’t say yet, we might get on the official Wizard’s site this year again.

  4. I’ll be attending mine. I feel I have the perfect deck to run. I wish Nissa was seeing more play. The Nissa’s Chosen is definitely eye candy.

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