Premium Deck Series: Slivers – Looks Awesome

Wizards announced way back in late July that they were going to release Premium Deck Series: Slivers on Novermber 20th of this year.  MSRP $34.99.  The deck will be all foil, 60 cards, and sliver based, with a limited English-only print run.  Now they’ve revealed the packaging for Premium Deck Series: Slivers, along with a few “spoilers”.  In my humble opinion, the product looks pretty damn cool.  Let’s take a look.  First, here’s the package itself:

Pretty standard stuff.  How about a look at some of the cards…

Victual Sliver… meh….

Necrotic sliver ain’t bad… gotta love vindicate sliver.

Acidic Sliver is a nice choice, I guess, since it’s a 5-color deck and all…

Presumably the basis of the deck, Sliver Overlord will help the product appeal to EDH players, as it’s a pretty sweet General.  More on this in the conclusion below.

Saved the best for last here.  Arguably the best sliver they could have possibly included, this is the premiere sliver of the tribe.  Crystalline Sliver fetches an impressive (for an uncommon) $6 and up for the regular version.  The DCI has already issued a foil version of the card which ranges from $12 and up, usually, so the fact that this is foil might not necessarily boost the price too much.  However, this is the first modern card frame version of the sliver, which should improve its “Pimp” status.  I’m guessing this card alone will justify at least $15 or so of the MSRP, making this product yet another decent investment from Wizards’ Mint.  They’ve been printing money ever since the From the Vault: Dragons set rolled out, and there appears to be no end in sight.  If the deck turns out to contain multiple copies of this sliver, then you’re essentially guaranteed your money back for buying this set.  I’m not sure when it will be possible to reserve a copy of this product, but I’m certainly planning to do so ASAP.

In closing, I just want to mention that this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants an easy entry into the EDH format.  Although the General here (presumably Sliver Overlord, or if they print it as well, though I have my doubts, Sliver Queen) is 5-color, presenting you with the daunting challenge of acquiring a competetive 5-color manabase for your 100 card deck, for 35 bucks you get the bulk of your deck in pre-pimped foil.  If you’ve ever been curious about EDH, jump on this product and expand it into your first deck… it should be plenty competetive.


6 thoughts on “Premium Deck Series: Slivers – Looks Awesome”

  1. seems like a pretty good argument for getting into EDH. i don’t have an edh deck at all. i was leaning toward making either gadock teeg or doran my general. they’re my two snap-decision, favorite legend creatures.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sliver Overlord is not a bad General, as far as 5-color generals go. Horde of Notions sees some following, as does Progenitus. I’m hoping to start a series of EDH articles as you know… primers and what not. I think a post on this very product and suggestions on how to fill it out for EDH might be cool, maybe to coincide with the release.

  3. hehehheheh – so the first card I see is Victual Sliver – the art at that resolution is just amazing, Therese has got the translucent skin thing going on, you’ve got the little baby slivers moving to the mama, and Karn’s quote – the whole card just hits it out of the ballpark for me on a concept level. It’s a 2/2 for 2 with an okay ability.. and then your comment

    “Victual Sliver… meh….”

    Took a double take and then I realized you weren’t talking about the product from a marketing level at all.

  4. @ X: I just don’t care for the Victual Sliver much. I concur that it’s a 2/2 for 2, and has a passable ability, making it a decent 2-drop, but among the tribe, it’s a pretty weak ability. Compared to winged, muscle, crystalline… ? Doesn’t hold up. I guess my comment was intended to convey that among the slivers presented, Victual Sliver is one of those I’m least excited about.

    I agree the artwork is excellent. Nielsen is among my favorite artists, and this is a good example of why.

    Cool, but not necessarily great, card.

  5. Well, seeing as how this set is only going to have 1 mythic and it has just been shown to be Sliver Overlord, I would say that no there will be no Sliver Queen. I was hopeful it would be Sliver Legion that would be put in the mythic slot but no to that as well. I’m just hoping there are some good spells in this sucker.

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