Zendikar Pre-release promos to include Planechase card

Today’s arcana revealed that the Zendikar pre-release promo will be rampaging baloths:

However, there’s another bonus promo, while supplies last, a planechase card from a new plane, “Luvion” with the location “Celestine Reef:”

This looks like an intriguing planechase look at island sanctuary.  Very interesting.

5 thoughts on “Zendikar Pre-release promos to include Planechase card”

  1. I’ve not seen anything…

    Baloths do look interesting… Landfall seems highly broken-esque… Exploration just got a boost, and Oboro, Palace in the Clouds finally has a reason to exist!

  2. Useless? Meloku!? Meloku is more broken than ever with the landfall mechanic… but yeah, point taken.

    What about their non-moonfolk patron, Patron of the Moon? Insane much? I’m pretty sure there’s an infinite combo with the cobra and the moon patron… somewhere… somehow.

    But yeah.. go go moonfolk!

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