Zendikar to contain Full Frame Basic Lands

Wizards announced in their arcana segment today that the upcoming set Zendikar will contain basic lands with full-frame artwork. The full frame lands will appear in boosters and fat packs, but not intro packs, which will contain the old, “normal” frame.

3 thoughts on “Zendikar to contain Full Frame Basic Lands”

  1. Simply awesome. I was one of the few people who liked the 1 basic land per pack thing when it was introduced, and know people are actualy going to be excited about it.

  2. Pretty awesome, no? Seems like a no-brainer, actually, now that they’ve announced it. I’ve always been a fan of alternate artwork in general… I liked that about earlier sets like fallen empires, homelands, and alliances… that certain cards had multiple pictures.

    I get that from a gameplay perspective it makes some sense to have one recognizable picture for each card… but then again, we’re magic dorks… we’re already “memorizing” the pictures for like 10,000 cards, 300 unique new ones at a time… what’s 50 more on top of 300? Not much difference, really… but the upside is you get a whole new level of coolness / flavor / artistic depth.

    Ultimately, I think the cost per card may be the final inhibiting factor. why commission two pieces for a card, or four, when one will suffice.

    I suspect cheapskatedness is behind it.

    But yeah, basic lands… that’s a cool move. Think it’ll undermine the secondary market value of unhinged / unglued lands? Foils of these will be a nice commodity too.

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