Two New Planes revealed in Strike Force Planechase deck

Magic Arcana today has the spoiler for the new planechase deck “Strike Force.” Two new planes have been revealed along with some really cool planechase cards like Academy at Tolaria West:

The two new planes are “Wildfire” and “Kaldheim.”  Let’s look at Wildfire first.  The card is called Naar Isle, home of the infamous Shah of Naar Isle:

Seems like a weird / lame ability to me, but the other cards in the deck make up for that.  As a plane, I have to say I’m excited about Wildfire.  If Naar Isle is any indicator then this is Djinn and Efreet land, and those are two of my favorite creature types in magic.

Kaldheim seems like some weird mashup of german-ish sounding words for “cold” and “home”.  The artwork seems to back this up.  Let’s have a look at Skybreen, the location in Kaldheim featured on the planechase card:

Brrrrr!  The top card of my library is revealed!  That’s some cold shit!  Seriously though, I don’t know what cold has to do with these abiilties, but whatever.  Looks like a big fucking mountain, and whatever is on the mountain can’t be rescued / cast… hell… it doesn’t work well as a metaphor. We’ll have to see what’s up with this Ice Age II plane in the future I guess.

This last mirrodin card was just too cool… I had to post it as well… behold the Glimmervoid Basin:

Yup… it’s constant radiate for everyone.  Plus some weird clone factory crap.  Should be a fucking blast to play with.


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