One more plane previewed in Planechase

On tuesday, we saw our first glimpse of four new planes through the keyhole of the Planechase Previews going on at the mothership in their Arcana segment. The first Planechase deck, “Elemental Mastery” showed us the new (or new-ish in the case of Muraganda and Zendikar) planes of Muraganda, Zendikar, Valla, Shandalar, and Ir.

Today, Arcana has a preview of the “Metallic Dreams” deck, which has but one new plane in addition to the previously known planes Alara, Lorwyn, Segovia, Dominaria, Kamigawa, Mirrodin, Ravnica, and Serra’s Realm. This is a diverse deck! Only the plane Alara appears on multiple cards.

So let’s see this new plane, Equilor:

Looks like a drab doldrum-scape… just the sort of place in which you might be just too damn tired to untap your permanents.

As a bonus, we’ve learned the name of the “You Decide” planeswalker as well, and it’s “Sorin”!  This will forever be known to me as Soren Lorensen.

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