Magic Arcana Reveals Several New Planes

Holy Planes, Batman!  WotC has announced the contents of a new planechase deck “Elemental Thunder.”  In addition to previews of all the cards, we’re given a glimpse into some as-of-yet unseen planes.  To wit:

Zendikar – most avid magic types know this is the plane of the upcoming expansion set of the same name, but little else is known about the plane.  Here, we have one more image to add to the recently spoiled basic land images:

Still, not a lot is known about Zendikar.  Apparently Chandra Nalar either lives there or visits from time to time though!

Shandalar - Looks kind of like a thorny / tangled version of Lorwyn to me, but who knows?!  Check it out:

Muraganda – our first glimpse at this plane came from the card muraganda petroglyphs, which is essentially the vanilla creatures’ crusade (or… day of destiny??).  If the flavor text is any help here, then we’re dealing with some kind of primitive totemic magic world, which seems cool by me!

Some mages forsake their scrolls and libraries to learn at the feet of ancient trees and sacred stones.”

Sacred Stones, eh?

Anyway, here’s the planechase card:

Valla – This one looks like Teutonic / Prussian war land.  Maybe even viking-esque?  The card is called Immersturm… my Germanic isn’t the best, but I think this is roughly “Fucking constant chaos, like right now, muthafuckas!” or something to that effect.  Looks violent.  This Rebecca Guay fan is more pumped for the idylic gardens and wussiness of Shandalar, thank you very much.

Ir – Hmm… not a lot to go on with this guy… I see a castle in a stormy sea, and a drake maybe?  Makes creatures cost less?  So it’s like Stone Calendar land?  Maybe it’s a typ0 and it’s supposed to be “Err…” ?  Makes me think of Greyhawk a little.

So anyway, just some interesting planes a-comin’.

One thought on “Magic Arcana Reveals Several New Planes”

  1. I’m really looking forward to Planechase. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Planechase + EDH = Awesome

    *(starts giggling like a schoolgirl)*

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