Final Planechase deck, Zombie Empire, reveals five new planes!

The fourth and final Planechase deck, “Zombie Empire,” was revealed today on, and along with stunning art and nifty abilities, a whopping five (5) “new”* planes were revealed, along with this author’s favorite plane of all as a juicy bonus.

*(New to me, at least!)

Let’s dig right in and feast our eyes on these juicy morsels.


The plane of polymorph (and eureka) looks like a laugh.  I see Jellyfish in the image, so I’m assuming this is an underwater realm, but in Magic, the jellyfish-to-underwater correlation isn’t always 1-to-1; avizoa anyone?

Aether flues is sure to cause wizards everywhere to exclaim “Chim Chimminy Chim Chim Cherooo!”

“A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be!”


Hmm… traumatize sounds like fun on this plane.

Turns out this plane isn’t new at all, though.  In fact, it’s the setting for what’s generally considered the worst Magic expansion of all time, Homelands.  I discovered this in my “research” (lazy, superficial web searches) of the planes when I came across this nifty wikipedia entry, which will grow significantly in the near future.

So far, these planes and locations seem to flow well in the Zombie Empire paradigm.  Dark Barony, no question.  Aether flues?  Well… it’s mystical and kinda creepy, so sure… plus, never forget the awesome zombie: drowned (aka, “not THE drowned”)!  But this next plane…


Hmmm…?  Wtf?  Zombie picnic?  What is this shit?  Gaining life (especially when nobody else is losing life in some kind of drain or vortex or brain-munch?!) in a flowery summery field…. nothing says “Zombie Empire” like that!  Err… Awkward.  Lifegain’s never been my thing, and this looks like “Lorwyn II, the Blooming” or something.  Moag sounds like the name of an evil demon realm… but it’s where bunnies and daffodils play and nobody ever gets hurt.  Get that shit the fuck out of my Zombie Deck!


Glimpse the Unthinkable, now in plane form!  Weird.  This plane looks like a very old ruined civilization, and everyone knows that, as a planeswalker, when you come in contact with a ruin, you oftentimes forget about a sixth or so of the spells you know.  Um… again, just trying to get my head around these supposedly flavor-ific plane cards, and it’s not always that … “isomorphic” to the traditional flavor of Magic as a wizard duel… anyway, I digress… neat artwork, and weird effect… par for the course at this point.

Bolas’s Meditation Realm:

Lots of people like to have a little summer house or a cabin in the woods.  Somewhere to go and just unwind away from it all… the job, the traffic, the bills, the fuss and bustle of the rat race.  But you know you’re a badass when you create your own fucking plane as your own place to just get away.  The chaos ability here seems as cool as the pseudo-wheel of fortune thing.  Neat stuff.  Also, is it just me, or are those nicol bolas‘s horns sticking out of the water?  Is that pimp chillin’ under the surface of his own self-heated Elder Dragon Hot-tub?  I think so.

Bonus Awesome Realm – Rabiah:

Sweet!  Rabiah is the coolest plane, in my opinion.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Magic’s first expansion, Arabian Nights, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see this in Planechase.  The card’s effect bears no resemblance to any card or mechanic I can recall from the expansion, though the artwork is reminiscent of the ubiquitous land desert from that set.  At any rate, nifty flavor if not a game-breaking effect.

And that does it for our review of the new (and/or cool) planes from the upcoming Planechase expansion.  It should be very interesting indeed to try this set alongside various formats.  I can’t wait!

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