Faeries versus Doran Rock — Walk Through

Our team member Bryan Greer posted another walk through for us. This one covers Fae vs. Doran Rock. Both solid decks with Doran by Yann Massicard taking the top-slot at GP Seattle, where the top 8 was dominated by faerie.dec. Here’s your chance to get an excellent walk through with commentary from both players. Let us know what you think! :)

4 thoughts on “Faeries versus Doran Rock — Walk Through”

  1. Taking the harbinger is always the right play in that situation. As was Deathmarking the hierarch when you did.

  2. After watching the video it makes me think that I might now want to playing stuff right after I draw it. Ime not entirely sure but it might have been easier to force colossus through by not casting pridemage or zealous until after I cast harbinger. If I do that and dont attack with noble to make it a threat I eot zealous which is countered, then cast pridemage and colossus on my turn and resolve one of those. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. One thing I have noticed about the deck is that it is quite skill intensive to eek out every last advantage out of.

  3. I think that the play of blocking with 4 tokens to take out the treetop village was not necessary, with the cryptic command you could have played a strong race and making him miss one attack with the village would have killed him very quickly.

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