Play Tactics and Walk through B/W Tokens vs Jund

the following video is a play by play walk through of a post-sideboard match up of B/W tokens vs Jund. the video is done by our team deck builder which bryan does with stan bessey.
for an example of a deck list for b/w tokens, you can see my previous post where i discuss the list i ran at regionals last weekend. the build bryan is running is more of a “RDW” build which is a good contrast with the list that mike flores ran at regionals.

our goal with this video (and all others we’ll be releasing down the road) are to help players looking to evaluate decks get a first hand look at how decks play out. we also feel it will give players a chance to get insights and various opinions that would otherwise be inaccessible. plus, they’re just really cool!

part one:

part two:

here’s a brief discussion that bryan and i had this morning:
power9pro (me)
great vid. cool walk through. –when he played the spectral off windbrisk, he was over committing. basically asking for you to sweep. i actually wouldn’t have even put hte spectral under the windbrisk. i think finks would have been a better play. life swing + bigger beats. essentially b/w tokens would have kept jund on the defensive because of anthem. 4/4 isn’t a fast enough clock against a 3/2 (the -1 persist being in affect so not 4/3) when life is at those totals.
carthwolf (bryan)
he mentioned the same thing after the play happened. He did the heights though as he didnt feel he would get the chance to swing with an army again in that game so he wanted to try and get any advantage he could.
yeah, i think it’s game dependent but i find it’s better to put something “else” under the heights…such as finks. obv’ in your matchup specifically the lifegain from finks would have been 2x more valuable than a spectral. finks is awesome.
does your list have redcaps? that card is not to be underestimated. sooo powerful. equally powerful as finks. maybe more so…

we’d love to hear your thoughts!! what plays would you have done differently? any major mistakes?

One thought on “Play Tactics and Walk through B/W Tokens vs Jund”

  1. When jund pulsed BFT there was no reason for not to sac it to prevent anathemancer’s damage. Later on in the game jund spent a turn crashing in with finks and trading with a fae token. I would have unearthed anathemancer at that point to force b/w to sac BFT, that way an anathemancer or burn spell off the top would be lethal.

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