“New” Rebecca Guay promo path to exile

So I guess I’m behind the times, especially as a die hard Guay fan.  This comes as a welcome treat for her fans as she had no regular printed work in this block thus far. Thanks to Planeswalker Writes, for bringing this to my attention.

I guess this news came out last month and it’s for the non-american Gateway program.  First mutavult and now this eh?  Anyway, I think the art is pretty darn good.

7 thoughts on ““New” Rebecca Guay promo path to exile”

  1. I so don’t like the majority of the card art she’s done. There are few for which her style is a perfect fit… but they are far fewer in number than what she’s illustrated. Just my personal opinion. I mean, it’s good art… just not a style I appreciate.

  2. @Dave Astels – you seem to be making two separate arguments about Guay’s art. On the one hand, you finish saying it’s not a style you appreciate. That’s fine, and to be expected. There’s no account for taste, and people have different subjective experiences of aesthetics.

    But on the other hand, you seem to be implying that her art isn’t “a good fit”… and I’m curious about what you mean by that… was it that her style didn’t flow with the style for that block, or is it that you imagine the card as something dramatically different from what she painted?

    I think her artwork is perfect for the Alara block, which sucks as she had no normal-print pieces thus far. I also liked how her work in Kamigawa fit in with the theme there. I agree though that her work can stand out as odd in a block like Mirrodin, certainly or Onslaught or something.

    Care to elaborate your shit-talking? :-)

    Guay is obviously my favorite MTG artist, and I own 3 originals and copies of every English card she’s done including foil versions, etc. etc. etc. Lol. So yeah, when your opinion of her is negative, at least be prepared to elaborate and defend your position!

  3. OK… Personally, I find her style too soft for how I see/feel-about the game. For some cards that works great… Youthful Knight for example. Me, I see the game being about monsters (Dragons are my fav, Zombies some in second) and aggressive magic. I very rarely play white… B, U, R, G… mono or in combination.. especially BU or BR. Smash & blast, death & destruction & deception. Her art doesn’t fit well with the way I see/play magic.

    I agree that some of it is beautiful… just not what I want to see in my decks… maybe on my wall though.

    Sorry if you thought I was persecuting her.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. So it’s the game as a whole into which you think she’s a tough fit. Fair enough, as this is your opinion.

    I would tend to agree that her work has more of a green, white, and to some extent blue feel. Luckily for you, the minority of her work is red and black, though she has a fair amount of blue cards. The majority is green white and blue, certainly… I’m not sure which color has the most of her work.

    Anyway, I would love to have a card-by-card discussion of this topic, but maybe you could throw out some of your least favorite pieces? Ones you feel particularly fail to do justice to the violent aggressive feel you seek in the game.

    I will agree that there’s a time and place for Guay’s work, even though she’s among my favorite artists in Magic. I’m definitely glad we have other styles of artwork in the game. I guess I just tend to like the more painterly artists. Richard Kane Ferguson, for instance… or DiTizzerli. But I’m stoked that the Brom’s, Chippys, Volkan Bagas, Donato Giancollas, etc. keep the game diverse. I’m even a sucker for weird early shit like Fay Jones (!) and the horrible art like Justin Hampton (weakstone, anyone?). I’m glad there is art that appeals to you and to me in the game. I guess I’m just soft and girly. Guay’s art is the shit. There are few cards I dislike.

    Last point: shouldn’t white cards with unicorns / pegasi / angels, or green cards with bathing women / elves / knights have that soft classical feel?

    Quinton Hoover, Rebecca Guay, Harold McNeill, Richard Kane Ferguson… these people keep the game from being some niche thing like pokemon or yugio by diversifying its styles and aesthetics. But I’m glad there are many, many artists painting for Magic. How cool.

  5. And more to the point: this particular card (the promo path to exile) is like the proto-typical white card illustration, is it not? It’s the Ur-white card! The Platonic form of the White Card Artwork. Lol.

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