New Product Spoiler Contest

We’ve been hard at work developing an exciting new product, and we can’t wait to show it to you (and get it ourselves)! But it’s not quite ready yet.

So to keep you on the edge of your seat, here’s a spoiler: this is the official sticker art for our upcoming product (minus the product name, of course).

If you think you can guess what the product is, send us an email.

All correct guessers will win the new product as soon as it is available!

Rules:  1 guess per person.  Guesses must be emailed to

Winning guesses must be determined specific enough by Power 9 Pro.  We reserve the right to say your guess was “too vague”.

Contest ends when the new product is officially announced, after which no more “guesses” will be valid.

Press Release: Power 9 Pro Announces Spoiler Contest For Upcoming Product Release

4 thoughts on “New Product Spoiler Contest”

  1. It’s a magic card index, organized in new ways and with more detail than we’re used to in Scrye. Will be good help for strategic deck building. That’s what I want anyway.

  2. Well you already made an easier to carry tote bag. My guess would be a binder that you could sort your cards out color, artifacts, and lands. That would be great. Im tired of creating my own binders…much easier just to buy one that came already organized. Can’t wait to see what it is though.

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