Glory of Warfare

top 8 magic (brian david-marshall) had the opportunity to preview Glory of Warfare, a rare from Alara Reborn.

it was great that he spent quite a bit of time thinking about where the card might fit in the meta, pointing out its utility confined to standard and potentially block.  his main focus for placing WoG is in the standard block (X-Lor-SoA) R/W Brew.dec–i agree completely.

as for the ideal situation BDM describes as ‘spectral on T3, GoW on T4′ [ouch]), it goes almost-without saying. lots of cards looks great when you say them “xyz on t1, abc on t2 and ghi on t3 for the win baby!” but remain only marginal.

the main problem i see is that the 4-slot in most brew-boat decks is filled with Ajani Vengeant [and sometimes 2x Wrath of God]. i’m not sure it’s worthwhile to drop ajani for a boost in attack. i rarely see matches where ajani isn’t a big signpost reading, “hit me first, not your opponent.” for fairly obvious reasons–he’s either going to be a lightning helix that stabilizes the damage done by alpha-striking your opponent or taps down the fatty used to alpha-strike in the first place. distracting your opponent for a turn is exactly the type of tempo edge that tokens preys on–this means that ajani stays. so then do we look at dropping wrath?

balls-out, no mass removal MD? probably not a good idea. fae is still a force and bb-tokens get out of hand very quickly–not to mention the likely mirror any player piloting brew should expect at any [decent] tournament. would you drop banefires for GoW? assuming you only run 2x banefire, this might not be a bad choice. banefire is useless under a windbrisk, right? [[not paying it's manacost would equate to dealing 0 damage (since x would equal zero at time of playing)]] GoW is not useless under a windbrisk, upping the utility of windbrisk by +2 cards (or close to 5% more “good” choices MD–assuming that 1/1 figure of destiny/mog fanatics are not that hawt compared to a ranger of eos, a seigegang commander or ajani himself. so there is room for testing GoW in banefire’s slot–again, assuming you run banefire. the other advantage over banefire is that its total cc is way less than an uncounterable banefire– AND 3-flying spectral tokens deal more total damage as the 6cc banefire! not freaking bad. (it is counterable so that goes against its arguement against banefire, btw).

maybe in SB then? just doesn’t seem like a good fit. not much to say. i wouldn’t want to drop wraths (2x), i would keep stillmoons–dark bant and it’s lifegain is a whore once it gets going. [lol. i just called a deck a whore.] anyway, keep the volcanic fallouts, keep the celestial purges and

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