Heartbreak from the Conflux Orb of Insight

(No Guay in Conflux, alas)
(No Guay in Conflux, alas)

Well, as you can see above, our beloved artist Rebecca Guay is again scorned by the plane of Alara.  It’s a shame, as other high-fantasy type artists such as Volkan Baga have, in my estimation, quite a complimentary aesthetic to that of Guay.

The orb, by the way, can be found here.  I’ll be busy crying myself to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Heartbreak from the Conflux Orb of Insight”

  1. So yeah, the orb of insight is a “cool” tool wizards puts out. Essentially, you type something in, it says how often that word appears in the new set. “Guay” was my search phrase. “0″ was my response. Hence, the weeping.

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