Exclusive Interview with Volkan Baga at Grand Prix LA

joe and i were able to meet with volkan baga for a sitdown interview.  we discussed everything from his Magic the Gathering work to art in general.  if you ever have the chance to meet him, he’s very approachable.  great to speak with.  you can also look at the pieces he has available on his website where a number of his other projects are also listed.  at grand prix la he had the doomed necromancer on display which looked unbelievably sick.

doomed necromancer by volkan baga
doomed necromancer by volkan baga

we’re going to break up the conversation we had into at least two parts.  the first is focused on his work with Magic the Gathering and his more recently completed project The Name of the Rose (Der Name Der Rose).  in addition to those recent projects, he also worked on the re-release of the Settlers of Catan game (cover work, not the pieces).  volkan baga is definitely someone to keep an eye out for as a new rising star in the sci-fi/fantasy art world.

hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

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