2009 Grand Prix Schedule Posted

You can access the entire schedule on the Mothership, including rules, etc.  Saving you a bit of time:  (i’m bolding the ones I plan to attend, though I’ll update on specifics as they approach).

January 17-18     Los Angeles, California — Extended
February 21-22     Rotterdam, The Netherlands  Sealed/Booster Draft
March 7-8             Chicago, Illinois  –  Legacy
March 14-15        Hanover, Germany — Extended
March 21-22         Singapore  — Extended
April 18-19           Kobe, Japan — Extended
May 23-24           Barcelona, Spain — Standard
May 30-31            Seattle, Washington — Standard
June 13-14            Sao Paulo, Brazil — Standard
August 1-2            Boston, Massachusetts  –  Sealed/Booster Draft
August 8-9          Brighton, United Kingdom  –  Sealed/Booster Draft
August 22-23        Bangkok, Thailand  –  Sealed/Booster Draft
August 29-30        Niigata, Japan  –  Sealed/Booster Draft
September 5-6     Prague, Czech Republic  –  Sealed/Booster Draft
October 3-4           Kitakyushu, Japan –  Sealed/Booster Draft
October 10-11     Melbourne, Australia — Sealed/Booster Draft
October 24-25       Tampa, Florida –  Sealed/Booster Draft
November 7-8      Paris, France — Sealed/Booster Draft
November 14-15    Minneapolis, Minnesota –  Sealed/Booster Draft

The participation foil for the Grand Prix looks SICK:

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