Tournaments I’m attending

Just wanted to put down a quick note about which tournaments I’ll be heading to for the rest of 2008.  Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be able to attend the States type 2 tournament this Saturday. Mostly because I don’t have a deck put together.  I’m also not well equipped to compete–meaning, I don’t have the right cards to make a real run at it.

I am planing to attend two PTQ-Kyotos this month:  December 6th at Matchplay (linked above) and on December 27th in LA (hosted by SunMesa Events).

I plan to bring a few Dragon’s Eggs with me to LA when I fly down on the 18th (maybe on the 21st if I decide to compete in another PTQ in San Jose on the 20th).  (I’m suppose to fly down and spend the week with my grandparents and mom).

Glenn Godard was recently featured in an interview with a number of other prominent tournament organizers (on the mothership–was going to link it but the Wizards/Magic site is so horrible.  It takes WAY too long to find anything–I’ll bitch about this in more detail later; incentive for you to come back).  ;-)

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