Power 9 Pro - High Quality Accessories For Magic Players, By Magic Players

The reason for starting Power 9 Pro is pretty straight forward: put the player first. Power 9 Pro is dedicated to providing the best storage, organization, and transportation solutions for Magic players.

As Magic players ourselves, we approach every design from the perspective of what's better for the player (because it's better for us). We're absolutely convinced that there's more value to be had by putting players' needs first. It's also our experience that the Magic accessory suppliers don't really care or "get" Magic itself.

Maybe they're really good at "games in general"--or maybe they're better media storage --but they don't understand what we Magic players need. It's pretty simple once you have a burning passion for Magic--and everyone at Power 9 Pro is a Magic fanatic. (It's one of the interview questions).

The Dragon's Egg — The Best Bag for Carrying and Protecting Your Magic Cards

The Dragon's Egg, was released in January 2009. The Dragon's Egg is the first tournament carrying case designed by players for players. We didn't skimp on quality to make the cheapest bag at the lowest price. The Dragon's Egg is high-quality and durable. See more about the Dragon's Egg here.

Magpie — Customized Card Tracking to Match Your Collection

Magpie makes Magic singles simple. Rather than spending hours and hours looking up card prices week after week, let Magpie do it for you. Magpie lets you customize which cards you want to follow. You can keep track of decks and their values, set up public groups for sharing what you're looking for or what you want to sell. Mapgie is software designed to help make life easier for you by freeing up time so you can play more Magpic. Learn everything you need to know about Magpie here.

N-Dexers CCG Tabbed Dividers - Custom Organization System for CCG Collections

Power 9 Pro's second product was scheduled released in August, 2009. The N-Dexers are the first custom organization system designed to allow players to easily organize and access their card collections. Staggared tabs aligned both vertically and horizontally on the N-Dexer dividers allow players to file their cards in all standard sized storage boxes. Blank tab label stickers enable organization by type, card, set, color, or rarity. Find out more about this exciting Power 9 Pro innovation.

Want to learn more about us?

We have a number of concepts in the pipeline, and we're focused on making sure each and every one of them puts you first. If you'd like to receive updates on new products (trust us, you will want the updates), you can sign up for our mailing list. We won't spam you or sell your information (because we hate spam too!). We'll only contact you regarding offers, updates for your area and new product launches.

We also have plenty of information and updates about our products on our Blog.

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